Fight Qiuzao and nourish the whole body_1

Fight Qiuzao and nourish the whole body

“After the summer heat evaporates, every part of our body seems to have experienced a catastrophe!

“When a friend who is good at maintenance tossed someone like this to me, I experienced what it means to be tempted.

Taking advantage of the plenty of time for the 11th holiday, to nourish my whole body in the tension and restlessness of the autumn day, it must be from head to toe-this has become the theme of my constant dissemination.

I visited some beauty and fitness places equipped with special items, and for some loyal readers, I captured some “wishful” female friends who love themselves.

  Long-term maintenance and improvement of linda (maintenance of long-term attention, and one day I suddenly realized): I usually only pay attention to apply some valuable good things to it, but the part of my neck that has been exposed for many years has been neglected.

The poor neck, whether it’s sun, rain or wind, is always naked, standing upright without any protection.

I decided to take care of my neck while the “autumn tiger” was still raging.

  The beautician cleaned my calibration first, and then applied a layer of high-purity essence milk called “Yongka Gold Liquid” to my replacement.

This high-purity essence milk is made from lavender, rosemary, thyme, geranium, cypress and other natural plant essential oils. It can soften the stratum corneum, sterilize and anti-inflammatory for hidden skin wounds and acne.Then, according to the current situation of my skin replenishment, I prepared a cleansing gel and applied it to my neck. After it was slightly dry, the beautician used professional methods to remove the cuticle from my neck so that the follow-upNutrition is better absorbed; what I enjoy the most is that the beautician applied pure plant circulation guide essential oil transferred into the firming cream to my neck, and then cooperated with the lifting, tightening massage, as if the topThe lines are lighter during rubbing and pressing; after about 15 minutes, the beautician brushed a layer of alignment repair guide film on my neck, and then applied a layer of soaked with “gold liquid”Film stickers.

Soft light music lingered in my ears, and in the faint fragrance interval, I fell asleep quickly; after about 20 minutes, after removing the neck mask, the beautician applied a neck cream to my placement.

The whole uniform took about an hour to care.

  After doing this, the electrostatic skin is noticeably firmer and more delicate, and the neck seems to have become longer and lighter.

  Advice from beauty consultants: 1. Don’t forget the accessories when applying skincare (or sunscreen) on your face.

Pay attention to wiping method: Wipe up.

2. When doing facial treatment, give care to the patient at the same time.

3, usually do more rehabilitation exercises.

  Facial Hydration Ms. Xu (a company employee who must apply makeup every morning): After Futian, my face feels tighter. After using the foundation, I will have different degrees of peeling.

  According to the current situation of dehydration on my face, my beautician chose the Biying hydrating series for me. It was completed through a series of processes such as cleansing, conditioning, exfoliating, steam, massage, introduction, applying, applying, conditioning, moisturizing, protecting and so on.A hydrating treatment for the entire face.

The massage part is the most comfortable and effective. The beautician’s soft and professional fingers slide gently from the forehead, eyes, cheeks until it feels very relaxed. Infused with grape oil and collagen massage cream, it promotes blood circulation and helps the skinAbsorb nutrients and quickly replenish skin moisture.

The subsequent introduction of ultrasonic waves used a variety of moisturizing and hydrating nutrients to enhance the skin’s elasticity and gloss.

After the whole treatment was done, I obviously felt the change of my face skin, and reached the ideal water-oil balance. At the same time, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the complexion turned white. It seems that moisturizing and whitening are complementary.

It is worth mentioning that the Cindy Bi Shi products used by Xianping Beauty have unique moisturizing factors, which can absorb water molecules from the air and play a role in nutritional repair.

  Miss Li (dark yellow skin, dry skin, severe dehydration): I told the beautician about the frequent peeling troubles, and the beautician recommended a three-step vinegar treatment and whitening care program.

The first is vitamins that activate cells, promote the skin, make the skin moist and elastic; the second step is beauty and active ions, using malt refreshing vinegar or rose sugar to heal, this vinegar treatment is suitable for any skin type; thirdThe step is to apply skin rejuvenation and vinegar masking powder to the skin to make the spots fade, improve the pores, and repair some acne and acne on the skin.

Within a month, I experienced this program in three full steps.

By the time the overall care project was completed, I was very satisfied. The yellow complexion was white and moist, and the dim complexion was bright.

  Beautician suggestion: For my dry skin type, my beautician recommends that, in addition to drinking plenty of water every day, I use a toner every morning and evening. I need a moisturizing cream. I often use skin care rich in vitamin C or vitamin E.Products to add nutrition to the skin.

  Body Hydrating and Whitening Gillian (from the beginning of autumn, I feel that the skin is dried up by the summer sun, and the whole body feels tight.): Based on the current situation of my skin, the beauty consultant designed a body care plan for me: Hydrating and whitening with Swiss ErisThe series cooperates with Israel’s “SPA” Dead Sea Mud to give my skin water.

Take a hot shower first, so that every pore in the body is open, and ready to drink water and nourish.

The beautician used Israeli Dead Sea salt to remove the cuticles from my whole body. After washing away the dead sea salt that replaced my dead skin, the beautician then massaged my whole body with the rose hydrating herbal medicine, which was massaged for about 20 minutes;; Let skincare products thoroughly penetrate, so that the subsequent products are better absorbed. The beautician patted my entire body with deep moisturizing and activating fluid, covered the whole body with Israeli Dead Sea mud treated with fresh milk, and entered the light wave room.After a minute light bath, I washed off the Dead Sea mud mask, and the beautician applied Eris Deep Moisturizing Moisturizer to my whole body, so that the moisture just added by the skin was locked.

What impressed me most during the experience was that after washing away the dead sea salt mixed with my dead skin, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my skin was obviously moisturized and feels moist.

It turns out that this Dead Sea salt from Israel contains high amounts of magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium and bromine that are good for the skin.

  Beautician suggestion: 1. Don’t rub excessively when bathing, it will hurt the stratum corneum of the skin.

2. After bathing, apply a little lotion on the whole body to “lock up” the skin’s moisture.

  Arm repair and whitening Helena (not afraid of the hot summer, loves to ride horses, her arms are peeled from the sun): previous lessons told me that sunburned shoulders and shoulders will produce severe color differences, and it takes at least half a year to a year to recoverAs is.

In order to restore myself to my former glory, I decided to choose an arm seaweed whitening renewal treatment for myself.

  Before the treatment, I took a milk herbal bath. The beautician said that this can reduce fatigue and soften the horny skin, so that the next step of care can achieve the best results.

This is my first time using a wooden barrel bath. I feel a little bit tight due to water pressure, but my body is very relaxed after coming out.This type of care procedure is very complicated. The beautician first uses the seaweed to remove the dead skin and vulcanize and gently massage and clean. After washing, my height is very smooth. The beautician told me that this is the mineral and lemon oil in the productMoisturizing effect.

Next is the beginning of my favorite treatment-massage, the beautician’s skill and moderate intensity, the things that make me tired and relax.

She uses Vitamin E Massage Oil, which can integrate whitening and hydrating effects.

After a 20-minute massage, Shanghai algal mud membrane was laid, and a 40-degree heating treatment was performed.

The carbon dioxide after removing the arm membrane feels cool and fair.

Finally, in order to make the lines of the arms more beautiful, the beautician sprayed seaweed whitening and tightening essence on my body. The seaweed whitening and tightening essence felt slightly numb after spraying. The beautician said that becauseThe product has strong penetrating power, so it is normal to have a sensitive reaction for two or three minutes.

  I am very satisfied with the results of the first trial. If I want to quickly restore the skin color before sun exposure, the beautician recommends that I do it twice a week for 4 weeks of care.

The comfortable service environment and obvious nursing effect made me decide to get a treatment card.

   Moisturize your feet with Daisy (I always attach great importance to the maintenance of my feet): After a huge working pressure, the stiffness and dryness of my whole body, especially the feet, drove me into the long-term maintenance place-Sacred Heart Women’s World.

The beautician chose MATIS Perfect Aroma Foot Whitening Treatment for me.

The process of foot care is more detailed: first use seaweed aromatherapy, clean and soften the cocoon of the feet, soothe the tension and discomfort of the feet; then exfoliate and tighten the repair cells with the blue frosted skin; the third step is MATIS whiteningSerum massage until absorbed.

Continuous massage with massage oil will highly moisturize the skin of the feet, promote blood circulation in the feet, soothe the pressure on the feet, and finally apply aromatherapy seaweed to repair the wax film.

The whole procedure came down for about 60 minutes. During this time, I realized that my feet had become stiff and soft. During the foot care process, the beautician noticed clearly that I was the most convenient user of this project because myThe feet are not dry, and the fatigue is very obvious. At the beginning, when I touched her hand lightly, my toes hurt painfully. Through the nourished depth, the pain disappeared, and I replaced it with ease, softness, flexibility.Flexible comfort.

When I stood up again, my fatigue changed a lot. The beauty consultant said that I was the most welcome person in the beauty salon-after finishing the project, the effect was extremely obvious!

The times have improved, and no one cares whether we modern women can wrap up a pair of three-inch golden lotuses, but their feet are still very important to us.

It’s tired, I’m tired all over; it’s dry, and I can’t moisturize myself.

This is my personal foot care concept.