Experts will blow air conditioners for you.


Experts will blow air conditioners for you.

Summer is coming, in order to sleep cool and not cold, someone chose to blow the air conditioner with a quilt.

Experts point out that this is actually more likely to suffer from air-conditioning disease, and the severely vulnerable respiratory tract is damaged.

銆€銆€”Air conditioning disease” is mainly a sub-health state, the symptoms mainly manifested as dizziness, fever, night sweats, physical weakness, etc. Many people mistake it for a cold.

Usually when using air conditioners, the doors and windows will be closed and the indoor temperature will be lowered as soon as possible to feel cool. Therefore, the environment at this time is closed, the indoor air and the outside are almost replaced, and the oxygen in the room is continuously consumed and cannot be supplemented.In such an environment, when the standby time is long, it will feel hypoxia, causing the human organs to not work properly, causing distortion of endocrine, and when the metabolism of the person slows down during sleep, it is more likely to be attacked by the bacteria.

In addition, the cover can only prevent freezing but can not prevent disease. Some people adjust the temperature of the air conditioner after covering the quilt, and the human respiratory tract is the most vulnerable. The cold air enters the human body from the respiratory tract, and the indoor air does not circulate.After waking up, the mouth and nose are dry, headache, heavy sneezing, runny nose, and even serious respiratory diseases.

Therefore, with the thick quilt blowing the air conditioner, it is better to open the doors and windows to let the air flow naturally, and cover a thin quilt.