Female white-collar cough after urinary incontinence

Female white-collar cough after urinary incontinence

Zou Hong, a 30-year-old female white-collar worker, started alternating colds and coughs 3 years ago, and her symptoms eased after taking injections and medications, but her cough has not been good. Every time the weather changes, her cough is particularly severe.As soon as you get urinary incontinence.

It is reported that the true cause of Zou Hong is cough variant obesity.

what the hell is it?

  Female white-collar woman coughing after urinary incontinence 3 years ago, Zou Hong began to change her cold and cough, and her symptoms eased after injections and medications, but her cough has not been good. Whenever the weather changes, she coughs especially bad.Excessive force will cause incontinence.
She often needs to urinate with an adult.

  Zou Hong said that she has also gone to the hospital for chest CT and bronchoscopy several times in recent years. She has been treated for bronchitis, and once it has occurred, she has been given anti-inflammatory injections, and her symptoms have not been relieved.

  It was a disaster caused by cough variant hypertension. One month ago, Zou Hong went to the Department of Respiratory Medicine of Wuhan Central Hospital and finally found the true cause of cough variant disease.

After a month of standard treatment, her dry cough symptoms have been basically controlled.

  What is cough variant hypertension?

  Cough variant hypertension refers to a special type of hypertension with chronic cough as the main or only clinical manifestation.

In the early stages of an acute attack, about 5-6% of the main symptoms are persistent cough, which mostly occurs at night or in the early morning, and is often an irritating cough. At this time, it is often misdiagnosed as bronchitis.

  Symptoms of cough variant hypertension1. Cough persists or recurs for more than one month, often occurs at night or early in the morning, and worsens after exercise, and there is more sputum.

  2. Laboratory tests or other tests show no obvious signs of infection or are ineffective after long-term antibiotic treatment.

  3. Use bronchodilators to reduce dissolution.

  4, have a history of personal allergies accompanied by eczema, urticaria, allergic rhinitis and other medical history, can also suffer from family allergies.

  5. Exercise, cold air, allergens or viral infections can induce acute attacks.

  6, high blood pressure symptoms, more common in spring, autumn and repeated attacks.

  7. The upper X-ray shows normal or increased lung texture but no other organic changes.

  Children who meet the above characteristics are correctly diagnosed with cough variant headache, and prevent and treat according to the principle of compression.

  The problem of middle-aged and elderly women’s attention to complications has attracted the attention of many scholars and found that 24% of the single cause of chronic cough was the intervention, and 28% of patients had cough as the only clinical symptom.

About 13% of the patients are older than 50 years old, and the middle-aged women have seen it for a long time.

Incident has a certain strain, mostly spring and autumn.