Jay Chou is a student of American food plus regular work and gains 10 pounds


Jay Chou is a student of American food plus regular work and gains 10 pounds

Jay Chou has stayed in the United States for two weeks, and he has lived a “super-boring” student life in Hollywood. Every day, various “Green Hornet” crews arrange courses, American food and regular work, let him quickly gain 10 pounds.

銆€銆€Jay Chou returned to Taiwan on the 21st to attend the China Mobile “M-Zone” brand renewal ceremony, which has been endorsed for 7 years. The site announced the renewal of the contract until 2012, and estimated that it will earn 2 for Jay Chou in 9 years.

Endorsement income of 700 million Taiwan dollars.

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“With the language of Cameron Diaz, he can’t talk about his interaction with the heroine Cameron Diaz on the set. He can only watch her and other actors have fun, but they can’t plug in because of the language.”words.

And when will the girl show the magic show?

He smiled and said: “This will wait until there is nothing to say and use it again.

He said that he had never traveled with her alone: “It should be dangerous to go out with her, because many people are shooting with her.”

Jay Chou arranged the courses on various “Green Hornet” crews on time every day. The American food and regular work schedule allowed him to quickly gain 5 kg.

銆€銆€”The Green Hornet” started shooting at the end of August. Jay Chou spent a month rehearsing on the Hollywood film. The way of class was amazing. The crew arranged various courses for him, including English, fitness, driving, and up to 8 hours a day.Shouting and screaming: “I am more frustrated than voluntarily, I have never thought of Hollywood luxury, and every day the store is closed, really angry!

I feel that American life is very boring.