College students in love: pick apples without red

College students in love: pick apples without red

“If the early love of middle school students is green apples, then the love of college students is the apples that have not yet been red.

Pick apples that are not red.

Representative Zhu Zhaorui, director of the Social Investigation Center of the Jiangsu Academy of Social Sciences, extended his perspective on campus love with such a metaphor.

  Chu Zhaorui said that college students were in love and proper intimacy was not inevitable, but some college students now hug on campus and even have intimacy in class; some even think it does n’t matter if they do n’t get married.
Even a small number of people abandon moral considerations, and the social problems caused by these behaviors are also cause for concern: frequent pregnancies before marriage, and a small number of students who have fallen in love and even committed suicide.

  He believes that it is not advisable for lower-grade students to fall in love and pre-marital sex.

Younger students are at the foundation stage of their studies. Falling in love will cost money and energy.

Regarding premarital sex, although the current law does not prohibit it, if it is not handled properly, it will cause a series of social problems, and caution should be taken.

  He proposed that schools, families, and society should work together to help college students establish the correct concept of love. First, schools should strengthen guidance and education.

The school should arrange some young and middle-aged teachers with rich experience and enthusiastic youth work as student counselors. The student counselors should guide students to properly handle the relationship between love and learning.

At the same time, schools should also have some hard and fast rules. There must be too much intimacy in the classroom for a long time. Cohabitation between boys and girls must be resolutely stopped.

  In fact, schools and families should interact.

Many college students come from abroad, far away from their parents, “the emperor is far away from the sky,” and little is known about their parents’ performance in school.

Schools should establish an effective, timely, and regular communication mechanism with parents to help college students solve various problems encountered in love in a timely manner.