In summer, mosquitoes can be repelled


In summer, mosquitoes can be repelled

In the midst of many MM expectations, summer comes to us, MM can show off sexy body; can eat a variety of cold drinks.

But summer is the biggest period of mosquitoes, especially when bitten by poisonous mosquitoes, it will appear red and swollen, and itching will not stop.

Experts pointed out that in fact, we planted a few pots of flowers at home to avoid the harassment of mosquitoes and flies, and to appreciate the beauty of flowers and plants.

The following small series will come to the details: Qi Lixiang: This is a small slit of evergreen in all seasons. The shape is umbrella-like, with many branches, small leaves and bright flowers. It is densely flowered and can be filled with red after flowering.Increase the beauty.
Touching the leaves, you will feel a strong sweet scent and the mosquito repellent effect is very good.

銆€銆€Night scent: Planting in spring in spring, flowering in summer and autumn, when the petals are opened at night, it can secrete a strong scent, and the mosquitoes can smell it and often escape.

銆€銆€Cordyceps: It is a kind of Asteraceae herb that can grow up to 1 meter high, with a small yellow flower. A plant has dozens of flower heads, and there are mucus around each flower head.

As long as a small mosquito falls on it, it is stuck, and the corpse of the insect is slowly digested as its growth nutrient, and the mosquito repellent effect is very good.

銆€銆€Mosquito Net Herb: This is an aromatic geranium plant that has been genetically altered and has only been introduced from Australia in recent years.

The plant is drought-tolerant and can mature in half a year. It can survive for 10 to 15 years, and its shape can be changed at will and has a high ornamental value.

Mosquito net vanilla exudes a fresh and elegant lemon scent, which has a good mosquito repellent effect indoors, but has no toxic side effects on the human body.

When the temperature rises, the more the fragrance is emitted, the better the mosquito repellent effect.

銆€銆€Fly-to-fly: It has a sensitive odor of mosquitoes and flies in its branches and flowers, and it has a strong effect of expelling mosquitoes and flies without any harm to the human body.

It not only has good effect on expelling mosquitoes and flies, but also has beautiful colors, such as yellow, red and white. When the flowers are opened, they are often yellow or pink, gradually turning into orange or orange, and finally red, with “resect repellent seven.”Change the flower” reputation.