Drinking soy milk on an empty stomach to lose weight

Drinking soy milk on an empty stomach to lose weight

It is not recommended to drink soy milk on an empty stomach to lose weight, because after a night of consumption, there is no nutrition. If you don’t eat anything else, just drink soy milk, it is easy to convert it into sputum, which is not conducive to weight loss.The effect of fat, we will detail the disadvantages of losing weight on the empty stomach.


Soymilk is cold, indigestion, and people with bad qi and kidney function are better off drinking soy milk.

In addition, soy milk can produce gas under the action of enzymes, so people with bloating and diarrhea should not drink soy milk.

In addition, acute gastritis and chronic superficial gastritis should not be eaten soy products, so as not to stimulate the excessive secretion of gastric acid to aggravate the condition, or cause discomfort.


Brown sugar can not be added to the soy milk, because there are many organic acids in the brown sugar. They are combined with the protease in the soy milk to easily decompose and precipitate the protein, which is not easily absorbed by the body.

White sugar does not have this phenomenon.


Some people like to use soaked milk in a warm bottle to keep warm. This method is not enough, because the warm environment of the thermos is very beneficial to the bacteria.

In addition, the soap toxin in the soy milk can also dissolve the scale in the thermos bottle, and drinking it will endanger human health.


Since soy milk is made of soybeans, and soybeans contain high glutinous rice and are cold foods, so those with symptoms of gout, fatigue, physical weakness, mental fatigue and other symptoms should not drink soy milk.


Soymilk must not only be boiled, but also must be opened when cooking soymilk, because only the open lid can make the harmful substances in the soy milk convert to volatilization.


Soymilk must not be taken with antibiotics such as erythromycin, because the two will fight against chemical reactions. The interval between drinking soy milk and taking antibiotics is preferably more than 1 hour.


Often drink soy milk to pay attention to zinc, beans contain inhibitors, saponins and lectins, these are bad substances for the human body.

The best way to deal with this is to cook the soy milk. People who have been eating soy milk for a long time should not forget to add trace element zinc.

  The last show slimming weight loss network reminds everyone, when eating soy milk, it is best to eat some bread, taro and other starchy foods.

In addition, you should also eat some fruits after drinking soy milk, because the high iron content in soy milk, combined with fruit can promote the body’s absorption of iron.