Create perfect three plans to reduce fat and muscle

Create perfect three plans to reduce fat and muscle

Want to grow muscle?

Reduce body fat?

Or both?

Before you make a decision, you must understand that if you go all out to pursue a goal and ignore reorganization, then the content of the second campaign will definitely be affected. No one can truly achieve the best of both worlds, but someone who masters both aspects will certainlyWin.

  Although it is difficult to achieve both muscle gain and fat reduction at the same time, if you take some time to determine your main goal, then make a wise training plan accordingly and implement it carefully. It is not difficult to obtain the desired results.

We don’t want to give you a lot of complicated formulas here, but just provide three suggestions for different goals.

Executing one of these plans does not mean that it must not change for a long time, you can adjust it at any time according to the change of your training focus.

  The aerobic exercise program with muscle growth as the main goal limits aerobic exercise other than strength exercises to 30 times a week.

This will keep the cardiovascular system healthy without causing possible muscle loss. The two best forms of aerobic exercise include rowing and repetitive exercise at any changing speed.

  In addition, try to avoid scheduling strength exercises on the same day as running, because running consumes a lot of energy, so it is impossible for muscles to grow.

When the body is in a state of “negative balance” of energy, muscles are first consumed as energy before it is their turn.

If you have to practice strength and aerobic exercise on the same day, at least you must practice strength first. When the physical strength and energy are at their peak, let the muscles be fully stimulated, increase the muscle components, and the body’s metabolic rate will be casualThis will increase the consumption of adults in the body.

  In order to maximize muscle development, experienced weightlifters usually practice each body part into several groups (eg chest, abdominal triceps; lower extremity back, trapezius, skeletal biceps).

Take a day off after 3 days of practice before starting the next cycle.

Limit dietary supplements during muscle growth because muscles can only grow if the body is in a “positive balance” state.

  If both plans are your goal, the time spent in both campaigns should be basically the same.

Aerobic and strength programs can be implemented alternately every other day.

Each time you practice muscles, you can do the following exercises 2-3 groups each, 10-12 times each.


Bench press; 2.

2. Push up oblique dumbbells; 3.

Seated rowing; 4.

5. Dumbbell side lift; 5.

Abdominal biceps curls; 6.

7. Press down the triceps brachii pulley;

Leg flexion and extension.

  During this period, pay attention to maintaining a balanced diet (protein, protein, trace amounts), and to replenish a large amount of metastatic muscles that are lost due to a large amount of exercise.

Keeping your weight steady is a key, and a daily drift of 40-50 kcal per kilogram of body weight is needed to maintain a balance between exercise expenditure and daily activities.

  For example, the one-time exercise method: rowing and variable-speed aerobic exercise can simultaneously provide exercise for the aerobic metabolic system and muscles, so whether your goal is to gain muscle, reduce fat, or take into account both, it is applicable.

However, these exercises are very intensive, and you must first lay a better foundation for aerobic exercise (4-8 weeks, 3 30-minute exercises per week) and get the doctor’s consent before they can be implemented.

  The aerobic exercise program with the main goal of reducing body fat needs to train 5-6 aerobic exercises per week, every 30-60 minutes, so that the unfortunate layer covering the lumbar muscle can be quickly thinned.

Otherwise, what’s the use of doing more abdominal exercises?

When weight loss becomes the main goal, diet must also be careful.

Moderate to low levels of radiation absorption combined with a lot of aerobic exercise can guarantee the success of the program.

Of course, some muscles can be included in the weight of a certain period.

  Extensive aerobic endurance exercise restores muscle metabolism with some subtle changes.

Slow muscle fibers responsible for oxygen delivery develop, while fast muscle fibers responsible for strength weaken.

At this point you may not be able to lift the weight you were able to lift before.At this stage you cannot completely relax the strength exercise. Keep the medium intensity exercise twice a week, no more than 3 days apart.

One of the exercises mainly focused on the lower limbs and the other on the upper limbs.

  Boating can be done on an indoor rowing machine or on natural water.

The rowing exercise requires simultaneous movements of the lower back, shoulders, and hips, and can increase the heart rate to the level required for aerobic exercise. If you have sufficient physical fitness, you can also perform variable speed exercises.

  Variable speed aerobic exercise can be practiced on any aerobic equipment.

After 10 minutes of warm-up, repeat 10 cycles of 1 minute high intensity and 1 minute relaxation, or 20 half minute high intensity plus half minute relaxation cycles.

Pay attention to the intensity, and do not exceed 1 minute.

Practicing 1 to 3 times a week, this exercise method can effectively increase your aerobic exercise mass while maintaining muscle.