1 cup of boiled water actually has 6 magic powers

1 cup of boiled water actually has 6 “magic powers”

Warm boiled water is naturally cooled to 25-30 degrees Celsius, or it can be cold boiled water and fresh boiled water. It is very comfortable to drink without hot mouth.
Drinking warm water often not only keeps you fit, but also has many magical effects.
銆€銆€After the water is boiled, harmful substances such as chlorine vapor are volatilized, and the essential nutrients of the human body are not lost.
Compared with cool white, warm water is close to body temperature, nutrition is easily absorbed, and more importantly, it does not stimulate the stomach.
銆€銆€Warm boiled mouth to clean the mouth Warm boiled water is clean and mild. It is a kind of benign protective agent. It does not irritate the mouth and throat. It will be refreshed and comfortable with warm water, making the bacteria and food residue easier to remove.
銆€銆€Warm water brushing to protect gums Medical research has shown that the optimal temperature for tooth metabolism is 35 degrees Celsius.
If the brushing teeth do not pay attention to the water temperature, it is easy to cause bleeding and paralysis of the gums and shorten the life of the teeth.
銆€銆€鏃╄捣涓€鏉紝鏃╅濂藉惛鏀躲€€銆€鏃╀笂鍠濇澂娓╁紑姘达紝姘村埌涔嬪閮借兘鍐插緱鈥滃共骞插噣鍑€鈥濓紝甯偁鑳冦€佽倽鑲捐偐璐燂紝涓嶄絾鑳界紦瑙d究绉橈紝闄嶄綆鑴戣鏍撱€佸績鑲屾濉炵殑鍙戠梾鐜囷紝杩樿兘Help you absorb breakfast effectively.
Therefore, after getting up in the morning, you must remember to drink 1-2 cups (200-400 ml) of warm boiled water.
銆€銆€Stopped, and quickly drink warm water. Warm water is like a lubricant. It has a good “special function” in dredging the esophagus.
銆€銆€Good hangover effect Let the drunken drink a few cups of warm water immediately, which can effectively dilute the alcohol, protect the human liver, and compensate for the large amount of water lost due to drunkenness and vomiting.
銆€銆€Keep the “stomach” secret, it is best to drink warm water in the morning. Drink the warm water in the first cup of water in the morning.
Drinking water in the morning can promote blood circulation and prevent cardiovascular disease.
People with constipation, drinking honey water is a good choice.
銆€銆€Ordinary people drink water in the morning to use boiled water as well, and should not add salt (such as drinking salt water will increase hypertonic dehydration, which makes people dry mouth.
Moreover, the morning is the first peak of the body’s blood pressure, drinking salt water will make blood pressure higher.
It is best not to exceed 150 ml to get up on an empty stomach in the morning.