2019 health calendar, give everyone a spare, let the health come to find yourself!


2019 health calendar, give everyone a spare, let the health come to find yourself!

I will send you a 2019 calendar to wish you a happy new year!

The principle of nourishing kidney and preventing cold in January: nourishing yin in autumn and winter, nourishing kidney and preventing cold.

Pay attention to exercise: take more walks, jogs, etc., and keep warm to prevent respiratory diseases.

Diet should be taboo: reasonable tonic can be timely supplemented with qi and blood, eat more lamb, chicken, turtle, walnut, jujube, longan meat, yam, lotus seeds, lily, chestnuts and so on.

More than food supplements tonic spleen and stomach, warm kidney yang, spleen and phlegm, cough and lungs.

Of course, the body is too hot, people who are easy to get angry should pay attention to ease, eat less.

Avoid all cold things, such as ice cream, cold food.

February yang qi hair, appropriate spring 鎹?health principles: spring and summer Yang, appropriate spring 鎹?

Living: “Lichun rain, go to bed early and sleep late”, the climate is still dry after the beginning of spring, it is necessary to add water.

Diet should be taboo: should eat more Xinxiao divergence jujube, soybean meal, onion, parsley, peanuts, leeks, shrimp and so on.

Avoid spicy things.

Spring yang is born, you should eat some Xingan divergent products, should not eat sour taste.

Because of the sour taste into the liver, it has a convergent nature, which is not conducive to the growth of yang and the evacuation of liver qi.

Going to bed early in the morning of March, eating sweet and nourishing the liver and keeping health principles: spring and summer Yangyang, spring liver.

Living: All things should be revived in the spring. You should go to bed early and get up early, walk slowly, so that you can make your spirits happy and healthy.

Diet should be taboo: eat more sweet, such as jujube, casserole, yam, leeks, spinach, leeks, chicken, chicken liver and so on.

Eat less acid, such as tomatoes, lemons, oranges, etc.

In the spring, eat more food that can warm the yang.

Sun Siyi, a drug king in the Tang Dynasty, said: “Spring is good for acid, sweet, to raise temper.

“Chinese medicine believes that the spleen and stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow, the spring should be liver, the liver can be mad, it can hurt the spleen, so pay attention to eating more sweet in the spring, eat less acid to raise the spleen.

April regulate the principle of yin and yang health: kidney, regulate yin and yang.

Health care key: In order to maintain a comfortable mood, choose a soft movement, and have a quiet movement in the movement, such as walking, doing exercises, playing Tai Chi.

In terms of diet adjustment, it is necessary to regularly quantify and prevent overeating.

Diet should be bogey: eat more spinach, leeks, onions, fruits, yam, wolfberry, rabbit meat, eat less spicy, greasy, cold things, such as pepper, fat, sea fish, shrimp and so on.

May pay attention to the principle of heart health: Chinese medicine theory believes that “lixia” is beneficial to the physiological activities of the heart.

At the turn of spring and summer, people should adapt to the changes in the weather and focus on the heart.

Spiritual nursed back to health: On the occasion of “living summer”, we should maintain a good mentality from the spirit and avoid violent anger and anger.

Diet should be taboo: should eat more hot and humid food.

Such as red bean, coix seed, mung bean, melon, loofah, cress, black fungus, alfalfa, carrot, tomato, watermelon, yam and so on.

Avoid eating fat and sweet taste, spicy and hot products, such as animal cockroaches, sea bream fish, raw onions, raw garlic, pepper.

Sleeping early in the morning to raise the principle of health: pay attention to enhance physical fitness, avoid the occurrence of recombinant diseases and infectious diseases, such as heat stroke, mumps, chickenpox.

The key to health: to sleep early and get up early, in order to comply with the yang yang, which is conducive to blood and blood.

Diet should be taboo: the principle of diet supplement.

Should eat vegetables, beans, fruits, etc., such as pineapple, bitter gourd, watermelon, lychee, mango, mung bean, red bean and so on.

Avoid spicy and greasy products.

July, work and rest, protect the principle of yang health: protect yang.

Health attention: For people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, to ensure redundant sleep, and to enhance indoor ventilation, especially in the hot weather should pay attention to the use of physical cooling.

Also pay attention to food hygiene and prevent the involvement of infectious diseases.Summer heat prevention is very important.

For manual workers, people working on the ground should drink more water at this time.

Diet should be taboo: diet should be light, vegetables should eat more green leafy vegetables and bitter gourd, cucumber, etc., fruit is better with watermelon.

Avoid spicy and greasy products.
The principle of tranquility and health in August: heatstroke prevention and cooling.

Health attention: “Autumn tiger” is a warm dry, damage to the body’s body fluid, prone to dry skin, dry eyes, dry throat, Shaojin liquid, yellow urine, constipation and other symptoms.

Older people are also prone to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular accidents at this time.

Spiritual nursed back to health: After the “Liuqiu”, the spirit of the nursed back to health should be quiet, comfortable, and comfortable, and should not be sad and sad, to adapt to the autumn atmosphere.

Living: Life should start “getting up early and getting up early, and enjoying the chicken.”

September Yin Pingyang secret, anti-autumn dry health principles: yin and yang balance, Yin Pingyang secret.

Health attention: happy, but also exercise.

Anti-autumn drying is also very important.

Diet should be bogey: should eat more American ginseng, sand ginseng, lily almond, Chuanbei, melon, cucumber, radish, pear and so on.

Can also use scallion, ginger, soybean meal, coriander to prevent colds.

Do not eat: fish and shrimp, sea bream, such as octopus, crab, shrimp, leeks, peppers and so on.

October control emotions, nourishing yin essence health principles: autumn and winter nourishing Yin.

In the autumn, the body must be maintained in the yin. When the climate is cold, it is the convergence of the human yang, and the yin essence is hidden inside, so it should be based on the maintenance of Yin.

Spiritual nursed back to health: pay attention to control emotions, avoid sadness, do more fun, keep a good attitude, and spend the autumn safely.

The organ corresponding to autumn is the lung, so at this time, it is necessary to prevent the evil spirits from invading the human body and consuming the yin of the lungs.

Diet should be bogey: should be appropriate to eat more sesame, glutinous rice, previously rice, honey, chicken, beef, fish, jujube, yam, etc. to enhance physical fitness.

Eat less onions, ginger, garlic, spicy products.

Early sleep in November, protect the principle of yang health: recharge your batteries and strengthen your body.

Spiritual care: Spiritual health should be mentally quiet in November, protect yang, not excessive consumption of Yin, and maintain a good attitude.

Living: In the life, you can get up early and stay up late, ensure redundant sleep, pay attention to warmth before and after, so that it is conducive to yang stagnation, accumulation of yin essence, wear should also pay attention to keep warm.

The principle of “autumn and winter yin” is consistent in diet.

Diet should be avoided: eat more beef, lamb, black chicken, soy milk, milk, radish and so on.

Eat less cold food, such as seafood.

In December, moderate tonic, dynamic and static combined with the principle of health: “Because of people, time, and place” tonic.

Health care focus: moderate moderation, dynamic and static combination.

Be mentally active and be optimistic.

If the body is weak and the digestive function is poor, you should choose “slow supplement”, eat more “Danggui mutton soup”, etc., but also eat more vegetables, avoid over-filling, urgently make up.

People with good physical fitness should be “flattened”, do not overeat greasy products, in order to prevent internal heat and induce disease.

Diet should be avoided: you can eat more lamb, beef, celery, white radish, potatoes, Chinese cabbage, spinach, apples, longan and so on.

Avoid cold, such as seafood and other cold goods and cold drinks.

Too beautiful is too precious!

2019 is coming, this beautiful calendar is for everyone, I wish my friends a better day!

Life is getting better!

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