Daily minor care improves uneven skin tone


Daily minor care improves uneven skin tone

Everyone likes fair and translucent skin, but with the increase of age, UV exposure and darkening, annoying dullness, uneven ethnicity, or varying degrees of melanin deposition on both sides.

Don’t be a faceless, yellow-faced woman who feels resentment, who would like it?

  Improve the small aspects of daily care to solve the damage of uneven skin Advanced beauty, nutritionist introduced that in fact, only need to improve the small aspects of daily care, you can easily solve the damage of uneven weight.

For example, in the routine maintenance of beauty eyebrows, apply excess whitening essence to the neck and arms, and gently massage until absorbed. Since whitening essence is the best skin care product for whitening, in the long run, the neck and arms will be on the face.The skin is just as fair.

  In addition, the sun is getting more and more intense as summer approaches.

Therefore, whether you go out or stay at home, the skin of your arms and neck will be exposed, so you need to apply sunscreen to protect your arms and neck as carefully as your face.

In this way, the bones of the body will be uniform, and the color of the arms and neck will not be darker than the face.

  The mask must be used to the extreme. Masks are often used by eyebrows, but the mask is finished, but there is still excess whitening solution in the mask. It is a pity to lose it.

In order not to waste, you can squeeze out the remaining stock solution in the mask, apply it to the neck and arms, and gently massage until absorbed, which is both environmentally friendly and saves money.

  Experts also suggest that you can go to the pharmacy to buy a bottle of vitamin C tablets, and then make a whitening product with milk.

The method is very simple: take two capsules of C, grind them into powder, add 20 ml of milk, apply on the arm, and wash off after 20 minutes.

Experts remind that this DIY mask can only be done at night, but it will easily darken the skin when exposed to sunlight during the day, and care should be taken when washing it, otherwise it will easily block pores.