Boasting his sexual ability gives you even more surprises


Boasting his sexual ability gives you even more surprises

In the process of sexual life, will it be because of a heartless sentence that makes him feel nothing?

Do you often keep on bed?

You know, I don’t know, these actions are the least favorited by men.

Smart couples will not forget to work hard to improve their sexual behaviors in order to maintain the regularity of sexual pleasure, in order to counter the sexual boredom that is often difficult to avoid between spouses.

銆€銆€Between spouses, there is often a decrease in sexual pleasure.

This is actually a necessity of human nature.

If a person is self-deprecating as the spirit of all things, he should not deny this kind of humanity. At the same time, the cleverness of man should lie, and he can surpass this nature.

銆€銆€Here are some suggestions for improving the sexual behavior of both spouses and promoting their fun.

銆€銆€It is magic to praise each other’s sexual competencies.

Often admiring the sexual ability of a partner, praised him (or she) is very popular, often produces unexpected results.

Compared to women.

Men need this kind of praise more.

Because almost all men are worried about their sexual ability, and women’s praise can really dispel this fear and increase their self-confidence, and this self-confident person will affect their sexual ability and make them surpass the normal state.Sexual performance.

In addition, men will have a grateful feeling for those women who often praise their sexual ability, enhance his feelings for this woman, so that the two truly achieve the perfect combination of spirit and body.

銆€銆€A man who married a divorced woman told me that his wife always praised his sexual ability without saying the opportunity, saying that he far exceeded her first husband.

“You are so great, I can’t stand it.
“I met you, I am satisfied.”

“My former husband compared with you is really too much.”

How can I love him?

“The wife often repeats these words of appreciation, so that the man said to him: “I used to think of her past men, looking for some doubts, but now think of him, I will only be proud of the contrast.

“I later talked with this wife. She told me that her new husband’s sexual ability is very common, but she is deeply acquainted with the magic.

With her efforts, their sexual life is getting more and more harmonious.

The woman also knows that men are usually worried about the size of their genitals, so when she first had sexual intercourse with the new husband, she made the initiative to praise his genital “real majestic.”

銆€銆€Praise should be just right, no loss of opportunity, too much reluctance and creation may cause things to get worse.

In fact, many praises will be better through concealed language. All men and women can say to their partners: “I will never forget this night.

“You make me really appreciate the happiness of being a man (woman).”

“Communication Fantasy Each of us has some sexual fantasies, such as some special sexual behaviors, or a certain spoon of the opposite sex and even the movie stars to share the bed.

These sexual fantasies have triggered many of our sexual impulses. Whether it is masturbation or sexual intercourse, these sexual fantasies can help us to experience sexual excitement and sexual pleasure.

However, we hide these sexual daydreams in our hearts and are ashamed to tell others.

銆€銆€In sexual fantasies, it is impossible for your marital spouse to appear, and the familiar body limits the boundaries of fantasy.

But this does not mean that these fantasies are in our minds when we have sex with our spouses, and this situation of “thinking about others” when making a love with a spouse often gives us a sense of self-blame and becomes even more afraid.The soul of the human voice is hidden.

When a couple communicates their sexual fantasies frankly with each other, it may be the time when sexual fantasies play the most ideal role.

The process of communicating sexual fantasies is a process in which both partners understand each other. When two hearts are confessed to each other, they cannot possibly go closer. The sex life between them cannot be more fun.

銆€銆€The process of communicating sexual fantasies is a process of progressive induction.

In the process of a person revealing the hidden secrets of the deep heart, he or she can achieve a high degree of sexual excitement, which will make the later sexual intercourse more exciting.

銆€銆€There was a man who had a lot of sexual fantasies about a nurse during his hospitalization. When he told these illusions to his wife, the smart woman whispered in a sexual caress: “Now the nurse is coming, she isTouching you, she climbed onto you.” The husband was very excited. The day’s sex was made because the wife joined the husband’s sexual fantasies, and the two sides experienced a real climax.