How to help children learn to walk

How to help children learn to walk

[Guide]Parental support is indispensable during toddlers.

However, in the end how to help, it is a bit particular about.

  Doctor Jia Jun, a pediatrician at Peking University First Hospital, told reporters that the baby’s radial head is not fully developed, the elbow joint capsule and ligaments are relatively soft, and if the legs cannot support the weight of the whole body, if the adult only holds the child’s hand with force,It is easy to cause dislocation, which is medically called “children’s radial head subluxation”, also called “pulling elbow”.

  Therefore, when the child first learns to walk, parents should support the baby’s arm socket, let his feet rest on the adult’s instep, and walk with the adult.

After the flight, let the baby’s double pedals on the ground, and the adult will help the baby’s elbow to walk forward slowly.

Once a baby falls or dangles, parents should remember not to yank the child’s hand, but to rest on the arm or lightly above the wrist.

  Jia Jun said that sometimes the child’s dislocation problem is not easy to find, so parents are advised to pay more attention to the following situations: when pulling the hand or helping him to wear sleeves, the baby suddenly cries and cries, and the shivering is a lot of pain; the forearm is notDare to turn backwards, ca n’t lift, take things; there is tenderness at the radius head of the elbow joint, but there is no obvious swelling and deformity in the area, which indicates that the baby is injured.

  If your baby is crying heavily or cannot reset itself, go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

Parents need to be aware that once the joint is dislocated, it is easy to form a habitual dislocation. In the future, it is necessary to pay attention to proper exertion.