Couple yoga provoked

Couple yoga provoked

Couple Yoga Actions-Double Sex Yoga It is through this physical and spiritual caress that the realm of spiritual and physical unity is achieved.

Couples can also use it to eliminate all kinds of fatigue, to get the most free physiology and the most thorough relaxation, while also bringing love to lasting and fresh.

Recently, American yoga master Jennifer launched a double “sun worship” yoga for couples.


Keep your back straight and your legs upright, facing each other.

The two were about 1 meter apart, with their feet separated from each other, shoulder-width apart, and their hands clasped together in front of their chests in prayer.

Relax your whole body, keep deep breathing while watching the other person affectionately.

Close your eyes tightly so that your back is contracted as much as possible, and your head and upper body are tilted back slightly, so that the spine is sunken in an arch shape.

Separate your hands, return your upper body to the upright position, and look at each other affectionately again, and keep it for a while.

  Couple yoga moves two 2.

Bend forward, face the top of your lover, and touch your hands with the ground at the same time, but be careful not to strain your little finger. Keep your little finger tightly against your lover’s thumb. Touch your face slightly and keep it for a while.

One person tried to stretch his left leg backwards, while the other stretched his right leg backwards, each protruding toward the back of his own body, replacing the part where his left arm was connected to the other’s right arm, watching each other affectionately.


While holding action 2, gently move your body backwards and support it, look directly at the other person, and hold for a while.

Then move your body again and look up at the other person for a moment.

At the same time, reset the left or right leg protruding backwards.

Twice your little finger to your lover’s thumb again, and touch your cheek.

Straighten your legs, disturb your feet and stand upright. Close your eyes for a while and return to the starting position.

Then, swap the positions of the legs and repeat the above operation.

  Tips: 1.

The relatively private two-person yoga can not ignore the coach’s guidance, otherwise it is likely to cause injury.


Don’t blindly pursue beautiful postures, remember that the most comfortable level is the best level of yoga movements.

At the same time, you should also pay attention to the feelings of the other party, and do not force the other party for modeling.


The double yoga shown in the article is mainly yoga asana practice.

In fact, the most important thing in practicing yoga is the concentration of the will and breathing coordination.