Eating whole grains is better than steaming

Eating whole grains is better than steaming

“Coarse grain is one of the most nominal foods expected by modern people.

“Professor Ge Keyou, Honorary Chairman of the Chinese Nutrition Society, said at the China Nutrition Society recently introduced” Cereals, coarse and fine —– whole wheat nutrition and health seminar “.

At present, the coarse grains people eat only reach the required 1 / 4-1 / 4, and “don’t know how to eat” is a big problem for people to feel the consumption of coarse grains.

  ”Coarse grain is relative to fine grains such as rice and white flour.

Ge Keyou said that coarse grains mainly include two types: one is milled rice and whole wheat without finishing; the other is various miscellaneous grains except rice and wheat.

For example, corn, millet, black rice, purple rice, barley, oats, buckwheat, etc. of cereals, soy beans, mung beans, red beans, black beans, etc. of mixed beans.

Coarse grains lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of chronic diseases, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

In addition, coarse grains can also promote digestive function, relieve constipation and balance the flora in the body.

  Although everyone knows that eating coarse grains is good, some people still have great misunderstandings when eating, especially in the cooking method.

Professor Yang Yuexin, deputy director of the Chinese Nutrition Society, pointed out that steaming is the best way to eat coarse grains.

And fried, porridge, etc. will damage the health characteristics of coarse grains to a certain extent.

Coarse grains are healthy because they are rich in a variety of health ingredients and fiber, slightly mild, and free of sugar and salt.

However, if it is fried by cooking, it will absorb a large amount of traces, and at the same time, the unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients in the coarse grains will be lost.

“It is particularly worth reminding that making coarse grains into very soft porridge is the biggest misunderstanding.

“Yang Yuexin said.

Many people think that porridge is light and healthy, and easy to digest. It is absolutely right to cook porridge with coarse grains.

In particular, its glycemic index is low, and patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes should eat more.

However, the experimental team led by Yang Yuexin found in the research that the softer the porridge, the stickier, the higher the degree of starch gelatinization in the coarse grains, the faster the blood sugar will rise.

If the coarse grains are boiled into such porridge, the benefits to blood sugar will be lost.

  If you just eat coarse grain rice dry, after all, the taste is monotonous, how to make coarse grains delicious and healthy?

According to experts, first, cereals and beans are mixed in a ratio of 3: 1 or 2: 1 and impregnated.

Then, put the soaked coarse grains in a steamer and steam them, usually 10-20 minutes.

Steamed coarse grains can be mixed with rice to cook rice, or you can put some wolfberry and walnuts and cook them on a low heat for a while to make porridge.

However, it should be noted that if the porridge is of the clear soup type, it cannot be cooked into a slimy state, otherwise the blood sugar will rise quickly.

If you like pasta, you can also combine steamed coarse grains with white noodles, corn noodles, etc. You can also add raisins and nuts to increase taste and nutrition.

You can also steam the coarse grains and fry some eggs with vegetables such as tomatoes and green peppers.

Finally, steamed coarse grains can be divided into small portions if they are not eaten, and frozen and eaten later.