Half an hour a day without sweat is good for your health

Half an hour a day without sweat is good for your health

“It is better to invite people to sweat than to invite people to eat”, “You are beautiful to sweat” . Such words are very popular in recent years.

Too many people think that the more sweating you exercise, the better the exercise effect. This is actually a misunderstanding.

The latest report from Newsweek in the United States suggests that “sweat-free exercise” is also good for the body.

  Sweat-free sports are also called “light sports” or “light sports”.

It is simpler and easier to master than speed exercise, and is especially suitable for those who do not exercise regularly, have physical injuries, are obese, and are older.

The following types of non-sweat sports can be selected: jogging or brisk walking: not restricted by the place, fitness scheduling, free time to grasp the length of time, is a typical bodybuilding light sports.

  Breathe deeply: Close your eyes and stand upright, exhale all the gas in your lungs as far as you can, and then slowly inhale.

This exercise can compress the chest and abdomen, resist fatigue, and awaken the body’s vitality.

  Tighten the whole body: lie flat, take a few deep breaths, then tighten the muscles from the toes to the head a little bit and relax, and feel each one carefully.

  Yoga: Both men, women, and children can practice, can eliminate troubles, calm the mood; maintain a stable posture; can purify the blood, adjust weight, fat people reduce slightly, too thin people can gain weight; can maintain diet balance; maintain endocrine balance.

  Lift the heel: Support your body with your toes as long as possible to extend, then lower the heel and repeat several times.

  Head up and walk in balance: Hold a book on your head and walk forward, feel this feeling of vertical tilt, and time.

  Slanted Shoulder Arms: Shrug your shoulders and feel the change in between, then walk your shoulders absolutely relaxed, holding the natural balance of your arms to maintain a graceful posture.

  Shopping: It meets two requirements for exercise-pleasant mood and long-term low-intensity exercise, especially for young people with better results.

Pay attention to hydration, stretch and massage the legs after the end to eliminate fatigue.

  Housework fitness: Making the most of your housework can also help you get fit.

  It is worth mentioning that “sweat-free exercise” can be carried out in stages.

The results of a test in the United States show that once a “sweat-free exercise” lasts 30 minutes, or two 15-minute “sweat-free exercise”, or even three 10-minute “sweat-free exercise”, the exercise effect is not much different.