104-year-old Rui has never eaten half a medicine


104-year-old Rui has never eaten half a medicine

When it comes to Zhou Shengci who lives in Yangzhou Wanzi Senior Apartment in Yangzhou, everyone who knows will give a thumbs up.

This is not only because she is 104 years old this year, but also because of her compassion.

銆€銆€Good to do good deeds, although 36 stray cats have been 104 years old, but Zhou Shengci not only does not listen to the eyes, but also has a strong memory.

She said that she had adopted too many stray cats when she had not lived in a pension apartment.

At the longest time, there were 36 cats in the family. Among them, 21 years have been with her for the longest time. I can still read the names of 36 kittens in one breath.

銆€銆€In a difficult economic period, a passer-by was hungry in front of her house. She quickly hurried a bowl of rice and saved her life.

A few years later, when the passer-by met her on the street, she hugged her up: “If it wasn’t for your meal, I would have starved to death.

“A vegetarian has been eaten for a lifetime, and half of the medicine has not been eaten.”

This is Zhou Shengci’s understanding of his longevity experience.

She has a fixed three meals a day. In the morning, she has a bowl of dried porridge, a cup of soy milk and steamed buns, and lunch is a soup.

At around 4 pm, the old man will be like a child, squatting for dinner – two fried eggs, a steamed buns, a bowl of soy milk.