Eight most effective stovepipe yoga

Eight most effective stovepipe yoga

Summer has passed quietly, and my feet were tanned after wearing a summer sandal, and my legs were thick. In the early autumn season, let’s get thinner!

I introduce a few thin leg yoga to make your legs more perfect.

  1 The forward-curved legs naturally sit cross-legged, the upper body is bent down, the back is slightly arched, bent and bent, the forearm is inserted into the floor, and the forehead is inserted into the floor.

  2 seated sitting, legs bent, try to make the feet as close as possible, hold the feet with both hands to stabilize the feet, lean forward and backward, open the top, straight forward, eyes look forward.

  3 Dove-type sitting, with the right leg bent in front of the body, the left leg bent behind the body, the shoulders arched backwards, the left leg bent, grasp the left toe toenails with both hands, lean the head backwards, and stand upright.

  4 The upper dog type lies on the floor, with the stomach facing downwards, twists and stretches on the floor, lifts the upper body to leave the floor, leans back, opens upwards, leans back.

  5 The top is flexed forward, with your feet close together, and your upper body is bent downwards until your forehead is inserted into the leg surface of your legs, bent and bent, and your forearms are close to the back of your calves.

  6 Warrior-style stretching, taking a big step forward with the left foot, reducing the bending, straightening the right leg into the back of the body, straightening the left arm into the front of the body, straightening the right arm into the back of the body, and straightening forward.

  7 Tree extension, legs straight, slowly lift the right leg and bend, twist it over the head, hands folded, eyes look forward.

  8 bridge type lying on the floor, facing up and down, legs bent, calves perpendicular to the floor, feet completely on the ground, lift the upper floor to cross the floor, keep supporting the ground, carefully injured.