Baby milk needs 1 short time

Baby milk needs 1 short time

Parents must arrange the principles of nutrition, hygiene, lightness and deliciousness when arranging their baby’s summer diet, and also master some basic elements of the summer diet.

Look at how much do you know about the 7 elements pointed out by experts?

  1. Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables and fruits contain supplements of minerals and vitamins, which is good for the baby to spend the summer.

  For example: eat tomatoes, cucumbers, winter gourds, loofahs, eggplants, and shallots appropriately to prevent disease.

  Watermelon relieves heat, quenches thirst, diuresis, and is rich in vitamins, fructose and minerals, is one of the best fruits for babies to relieve heat in the summer and prevent poisoning.

In addition, pears, peaches, grapes, and strawberries are also great fruits in summer.

  When making fruit, you can give some younger babies more water to drink their own home-made juices. When the baby grows up, you don’t need to squeeze any more juice.

  2, timely replenishment of water and nutrition, high temperature in summer, the baby sweats a lot, should be replenished in time, preferably boiled water.

Sweating babies can add some sugar algae or drink mineral water, but they cannot be replaced by pure water or pure water; any drink cannot replace boiled water, and some drinks even contain additives that are not good for your baby’s growth and development.Most are high sugar, high osmotic pressure substances.

High sugar seriously affects the baby’s appetite, high osmotic pressure makes the baby drink the beverage but can not quench his thirst, but diuretic, so that the baby loses water in the body.

  In addition, drinking a variety of fruit and vegetable juices and porridge soups can not only replenish water in a timely manner, but also help digestion and absorption, while also adding nutrients.

  3, protein should be supplemented by hot weather in summer, the baby consumes a lot, and the activity is relatively large, the sleep time is relatively long, so it is necessary to ensure that sufficient nutrients are added to the baby’s growth and development needs.

  Adequate supply of protein is essential.

Milk, eggs, soy products, and meat all consume protein, and they also contain crystallized zinc and calcium.

However, it is important to pay attention to light cooking in summer cooking, and use healthy cooking methods such as steaming, boiling, and stewing.

  4. Food hygiene is very important. The summer weather is hot and the food is easy to spoil. Therefore, the scale of the baby should be eaten fresh or eaten the same day.

Never give your baby more food to avoid food poisoning and cause acute gastroenteritis.

  The baby’s utensils should be special, cleaned and disinfected every time, put in a suitable place to avoid contamination by insects and flies.

  Pay attention to your baby’s personal hygiene and wash your hands before and after meals.

  Raw vegetables and fruits must be cleaned. For tomatoes, cucumbers, peaches and other fruits and vegetables, the “flowing water cleaning, soaking in clean water, boiling water (or peeling)” procedures should be used.

For strawberries, grapes and other unsuitable fruits, the procedure of “washing with water, soaking fruits and vegetables in washing liquid, and rinsing in cold water” should be adopted.

This can try to remove the bacteria and harmful substances from fruits and vegetables.

  5, eat cold drinks, cold food, hot weather, sweet and cold cold drinks are most popular with babies.

Babies under 3 are best not to eat cold drinks.

For babies over 3 years old, it is sufficient to eat one ice cream per day. If you eat too much cold drink, it will damage the baby’s tender stomach, cause loss of appetite, and even vomit or diarrhea.

Therefore, we should control the number and frequency of cold drinks.

Don’t indulge your baby to eat cold drinks indiscriminately. Baby should take cold drinks at the right amount at the right time, preferably after 1 hour or noon after meals. Never eat before meals.

In addition, the food taken out of the refrigerator is best left indoors before eating.

  Eating too much cold food will dilute the gastric juice, affect digestion, and stimulate stimuli, affect the baby’s absorption of nutrients in the food, damage the spleen and stomach, and cause symptoms such as diarrhea and abdominal pain.

In addition, you should avoid eating fried, spicy, greasy and other foods, such as lamb, dog meat, skewers, leek, lychee, cherry and other warm and dry foods. They have sputum and get angry, and they are not easy to digest, which will increase the baby’s summerDiscomfort.

  6, food matching must ensure that the baby gets comprehensive nutrition, pay attention to provide a balanced diet for the baby.

Pay attention to the concentration of food. Each particle size, including soup, should be mixed with a variety of foods. The taste is good and the nutrition is comprehensive. Pay attention to the meat and vegetables.

  7. Prevention of diarrhea Summer is the peak period of infant diarrhea. Parents should pay more attention to their baby’s health than usual. They should pay attention to the following points: Adhere to breast milk replacement: Breast-fed babies have the least chance of being infected by bacteria, and breast milk can improve the babyImmunity.

It is not easy to wean your baby in the heat.

  Pay attention to daily hygiene: Try not to let your baby contact the person who is having diarrhea.

The person taking care of the baby must wash their hands before and after changing the diaper.

Baby bottles, pacifiers, teethers and replacement tools should be cleaned thoroughly after use.

The baby’s tableware and water cups are regularly disinfected. Before the baby is 1 year old, it is best to insist on daily disinfection.Pay special attention to kitchen hygiene.

  Food safety: Fresh milk must be stored in the refrigerator.

Give your baby pregnant milk for no more than 24 hours.

If brewed formula is left at room temperature for more than 1 hour, it should not be given to the baby.

Baby utensils and baby bottles should be handled on a clean cooking table or clean towels; raw and cooked food should be stored separately in the refrigerator.

Raw vegetables and fruits must be washed clean; in summer, food supplements should be placed in the refrigerator and must be thoroughly heated before eating the next day; leftovers and leftovers must be covered with a cover to prevent flies and insects from contaminating food; do not let your baby eatExpired, spoiled food.

Thawed food is alkaline again and frozen.

If your baby suffers from acute diarrhea, it will cause electrolytes and various nutrients in the body to be lost with severe dehydration.

At this time, it is recommended that mommy replace the special formula for diarrhea children to supplement the baby and help the baby to supplement the nutrition in time. For example, Shengyuan Youbo diarrhea infant formula is based on the special physiological and pathological development of diarrhea infants.Nutrition can fully meet the nutritional needs of diarrhea infants.

  In addition, pay attention to personal and environmental hygiene: parents and babies should wash their hands before and after meals.

Pay attention to the environmental sanitation of the family and its surroundings, and actively kill flies and pupae.